{Friday Five} Five Observations About College Students

It’s officially that time. My social media feeds are full of adorably posed children with brand new tennis shoes and backpacks. The store aisles are full of crucial supplies, like colored highlighters and fidget spinners. Whether you’re the mom who bemoans this time of year, or the one who has been marking days off the […]

Turn! Turn! Turn!

You know that thing that you really meant to do, like cleaning out the pantry, starting an exercise program, or hmm…updating your blog? Sometimes best laid plans get delayed for weeks, and then months, and then before you know it, it has been over a year and you wonder if that thing that once ranked […]

{Friday Five} A Belated Homage to World Poetry Day

I know a lot of people don’t enjoy or appreciate poetry. I may be incredibly biased but that is always difficult for me to comprehend, particularly when someone says they hate poetry, but love music. Song lyrics are pretty much just that. Poetry, set to music. Well-written poetry touches me on a very deep level, and I’m sharing five of my […]

Sticks & Stones and Monotones

I left campus last Thursday afternoon feeling fulfilled. Good at my job. Happy. Productive. If I’ve learned nothing else in this life, I should have learned by now to embrace those moments of calm contentment because they never last long enough. I have been blessed over the last two years with mostly nice students. They are courteous in class, friendly when […]

Books on My Nightstand 

This past weekend I was cleaning up our bedroom when I noticed there were so many books piled on my nightstand that it left precious little room for anything else. This threw me for a loop because I could have sworn I just gathered up half of the books that had been hanging out there for months and hauled them upstairs […]