Hi! I’m Amanda. Mama to Emma and Gus. Wife to Jared. Lover of coffee, words, and the Oxford comma.

I’m a full time Professor, and a full time Homemaker. I can’t figure out the math on that, but that’s why I majored in English.

I love to exercise, which pairs well with my perpetual pining for dark chocolate.

Our family tries to eat clean roughly 80% of the time, so that our treats truly feel like treats. And so that one day, this kangaroo pouch where I grew my babies might shrink back down to a normal size.

I am grateful to earn an income teaching Reading (my hobby) and Writing (my passion) to college students (my favorite age group). But as a working mom, some days it feels near impossible to maintain fresh enthusiasm towards my career while longing to be at home with my babies while they’re young.

I know in my heart and in God’s Word that everything has a season. Join me in my daily journey to find joy in every thinly stretched part of this season as I embrace the roles God has called me to.