Turn! Turn! Turn!

You know that thing that you really meant to do, like cleaning out the pantry, starting an exercise program, or hmm…updating your blog? Sometimes best laid plans get delayed for weeks, and then months, and then before you know it, it has been over a year and you wonder if that thing that once ranked […]

Staying Home with Sick Kids: How Peggy Ann McKay Ruined it for All of Us

Image: Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends We all know the feeling. Whether it’s having just enough of a cold that you can’t get motivated to do much more than microwave some soup and scroll through Instagram, or a full blown flu or stomach virus that has you genuinely pleading with God to just let you feel normal enough to […]

I Carry Your Heart With Me

Hello, friend! Welcome to my little dwelling place. I’m Amanda, the Literary Homemaker. I’m a working mom who blogs about family life and how to balance the joys and obligations at home with a full-time career. I always dreamed of being a stay at home mom until I was finally able to pursue my dream […]